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Член президиума

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Авто: 2007, Passat B6, 2.0 TDI, DSG
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Registration manual at the forum of Ukraine Public Organization "Volkswagen Club"

1. Type the Internet address of our web page http://vwclub.ua in an address line of your browser;
2. Click the button «РЕГИСТРАЦИЯ» in the right top corner of the screen;
3. The window with conference rules will be opened. The rules are given only in Russian as yet, but we will try to state them in other languages in the nearest future. There is a button below: «Я СОГЛАСЕН С ЭТИМИ УСЛОВИЯМИ» - click it.
4. You will be offered to enter the registration data in a new window:
- The line «Имя пользователя:» - your name/login. The name of user at our forum (the name must consist of 3 - 20 characters);
- The line «Адрес email:» - you must enter your e-mail address here;
- The line «Подтвердите email:» - you must re-enter the same e-mail address;
- The line «Пароль:» - here you must enter your password, which will be known only for you. Your password must consist of 6 – 100 characters;
- The line «Подтвердите новый пароль:» - re-enter your password in order to avoid misprint or another mistake;
- The line «Language:» - choice of language of the forum menu (English and Russian languages are accessible at the moment);
- The line «Timezone:» - your time zone;
- The line «Авто:» - indicate the brand, model year, engine capacity and another parameters of your car;
- The line «Меня зовут:» - insert your real name;
- The line «Пол:» - choose your sex. МУЖСКОЙ – male sex, ЖЕНСКИЙ – female sex;
- The line «Из *:» - indicate your country;
It is required to enter a confirmation code for prevention of automatic registration at conference. The code is shown on the picture below. If you don't see a code on the picture, please contact to administrator.
- The line «Код подтверждения:» - enter the code exactly as you see it. The code doesn't depend on the register, and does not contain the number zero.
If for some reason you see a code, but it isn't clear for you - you can update it by clicking the button «Обновить код подтверждения», and the new confirmation code will appear and you will enter it into a corresponding window to complete the registration process.
In order to finish the process of registration, you need to click button «Отправить».

If you have entered everything correctly, the system will give you the following message:

The account has been created. However account activation is required at this conference. The key for activation has been sent on the e-mail address entered by you. Please check your e-mail for more information.

Click the link below «Вернуться на главную страницу» - it means - return on the main page.

Later check your e-mail address, which you entered on registration. During several minutes, you will receive the letter from postmaster_noreply@vwclub.ua with theme : Добро пожаловать на конференцию VWCLUB of UKRAINE.

The translation of letter text:
Welcome to the forum of VWCLUB of UKRAINE;

We recommend to save this message. Parameters of your account are:

User’s name: YOUR LOGIN , which you chose on our forum

Forum address: http://www.forum.vwclub.ua

Click the link below for account activation:

http://www … LINK which you need to use to complete the registration process at our forum

Your password is securely saved and can't be taken out of it. If you will forget the password you can restore it, using the e-mail address provided during registration.

Thank you for registration!


After clicking on the link, system will give you a message that the registration completed successfully.
After that you will be readdressed on the main page, on the top of which you have to enter the login-name in the line «Имя пользователя: » and the password in the line «Пароль: », then click button «ВХОД» - entry.

Next you can post messages, view photos and videos.
If you can't register or have any questions, send email to our support address: support@vwclub.ua

We are glad to see you on our forum!

VW Passat B6 2,0 TDI
Модель Kasper

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